The Story

Every hunter who enters the woods for the day makes sure they have all the essentials to survive, including toilet paper…for obvious reasons. For the vast majority, the toilet paper they bring with them is white in color. This poses a danger to hunters, especially deer hunters. Hunters are very
cautious and make a conscious effort never to be mistaken for a white tail deer. Therefore, they adorn themselves in orange. Orange jackets, vests, gloves, hats, and even orange slings are worn to assure that when another hunter sees them move through the brush, they do not see flashes of
brown or white.


With that said, why would a hunter take the chance of flashing white toilet paper around the same anatomic area that a deer’s white tail is attached? Not only does white toilet paper resemble a white tail as it comes off of the roll, the wiping motion has some resemblance of the
movement of a deer’s tail. Why not use orange toilet paper? It only stands to reason that the concept of using orange toilet paper in the woods is consistent with the rest of the hunting attire. A novel idea….and practical too! There is not much more to describe.


The name “Rutt Wipe” originated when first used while hunting bucks in rutt. Not to mention it rhymes with “Butt”.