OK, so the call of nature out in nature is not a funny thing.  It happens to every hunter from time to time.  The big issue is whether you are prepared for it or not?  If not, then things can get nasty pretty quick.  That’s as graphic as I intend to go with this. Use your imagination. 



Rutt Wipe Uses

I mean, after all, what exactly can be said about a roll of blaze orange toilet paper except the obvious?  Frankly, it was created to do just what it was intended to do.  However, being blaze orange the universally recognized hunter safety color, the first consideration of its appeal should be obvious, too.  This paper can be seen from quite a distance in the woods.  Its use could literally save your rear end.  Hmmm, this product is multi-tasking already.  As the wrapper label says, “It’s safer than white.” 

Beyond the primary design function of Rutt Wipe toilet paper are several other useful attributes.  First off, in the woods it is safer than anything white, especially in the world of the white-tailed deer.  Who wants to be waving around something white in the deer woods? 

The orange paper can also be used as a trail marker that one could easily say is biodegradable.  This feature can be especially useful when hunting on public lands when you might not want your trail markings lasting long enough for somebody else to identify them.


A particularly useful purpose for Rutt Wipe paper is to be able to mark the search trail for lost game.  I have needed something like this for years.  Somebody at the deer club wounds a deer and the search is on, but to where?  If you don’t mark your way as you go, sooner or later the trail will run out or you’ll get turned around.  Trust me, it happens.  Mark your pathway in with Rutt Wipe paper and find your way back out, even in the dark with a flashlight.


Another use for the highly visible Rutt Wipe paper is to use sheets of it as your game scent dispenser.  Just hang a few sheets on a tree limb, over the edge of a bush or other suitable scent location and add the scent either liquid or spray.  Over time the sheets will naturally dissipate so no trace is left behind. 



Actually when you stop to think about it, Rutt Wipe is a pretty simple, but smart product.  Anyone who hunts for long will eventually find a use for it.  I recommend you try Rutt Wipe, and as the wrapper points out, “Don’t get shot with yer pants down.”  See more details at